I-rrived Tracker

Taking The Texting Out Of Driving. It's Driving Simplified


I-rrived Tracker enhances the driver location experience with a focus on safety. I-rrived Tracker delivers automated messages though customized push notifications at regular time and distance intervals to keep people informed of when you’re arriving at your destination.
Choose who you want to keep updated.
Choose to add multiple sequential destinations.
Choose when you want to send out notifications and alerts.
Whether your driving across town or driving across the country, the I-rrived Tracker app automates the process of informing friends and family of your recent location so drivers don’t have to take their eyes off the road while driving.


  • iOS App
  • UI/UX Design
  • Full Stack Development
  • GPS Map Integration

My Map, Your Map

We didn’t just stop with one. Because everyone has a map app preference we decided to integrate the three most popular mapping applications within the I-rrived tracker app. Choose from:

  • Apple Maps
  • Google Maps
  • Waze


Multiple Destinations?

The app allows user who have multiple back to back trips, such as delivery drivers, to enter each destination they have to visit. For each destination you can select up to 4 team members from your contact list that you want to send notifications and alerts to. Once setup, the app automates the rest by handling notifications, tracking location, and following your trip progress.

Customer Reviews

I love this app and use it everyday!!!
"This app has been essential for alerting others when I arrive to my destinations both for work and for travel."
Great app!
"This app is perfect for anytime I have to travel home or if my family comes to visit me!"

Available for iOS


We were excited to work with I-rrived Trackers team when they approached us with their idea. Our design and development team went to great lengths, focusing on driver safety and usability, to create a one of a kind travel app. After incorporating a few additional bonus features we were excited to launch the app on Apple’s App Store and see it quickly gain traction.