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 Whether it’s building something from the ground up or overhauling an existing product we are here to take you to the next level. Our services provide you and your customers with responsive websites and engaging mobile applications.

Mobile Development

Web development

UI Design

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    Anyone can make an app but it takes hard work and ingenuity to make an app have a lasting impression. We’re here to do exactly that. Build the best to keep your customers engaged and wanting more. Pulling from an experienced team of iOS and Android developers we will make sure to deliver a mobile app that is sure to dominate the App Store.

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    Responsive Web

    Web development doesn’t limit you to just a website. Most mobile devices and tablets have internet connectivity capabilities and are quickly becoming the primary way people view your website. Our experienced team will make sure you have a stunning website that works across all mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

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    User Interface
    & Experience Design

    UI/UX design can cause people to keep an app open and share it with their friends or delete it from their phone as soon as it is downloaded. Our design goal is simple: to keep people engaged. To achieve that goal we take the design first and build later approach. Like a house, you wouldn’t start to build it without first knowing what it is supposed to look like. Our designers focus on creating intuitive, simplified, yet beautifully designed app screens and webpages that people enjoy.

 “Ranked one of the Top Mobile App Development Companies 2 years in a row.”

- MobileDeveloper.net

MobileDeveloper Top Development Company

 “Think Tree Studios were amazing to work with! Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Not only did they focus on the technical aspects, they also understood the product that I was trying to create…”

Elisa Klein  – Founder and Creator


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From just a napkin sketch to a full blown business plan, this is the first step in creating a successful product. We work to understand your concept, determine what problems it solves and figure out the best way to implement it. Once a general direction is agreed, we turn your concept into a minimum viable product that we can build upon.

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We create “WOW” factor designs that make you stand out from the competition and keep customers coming back. Every design is pixel perfect and each project incorporates the look and feel you’re after along with some extras to really bring your idea to life.

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Using pre-determined technologies we begin to create a working product. With weekly deliverables at your fingertips you’ll be able to use your product, provide feedback and connect with us while our team of developers bring your idea to life.

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This is the fun part! We’ll ensure your website and app are ready to go and help with the App Store submission process to make your launch a real success. Once launched, we’ll be ready to give continued support and help with any future maintenance, updates or upgrades with our comprehensive maintenance package.


We’re proud of what we make and so are our clients. Take a look at some of the recent projects we’ve worked on.

  • WiCis Sports

    WiCis-Sports is an open platform system designed for tracking, storing and sharing reliable health and fitness data in real time. Typical delays are only ONE second from device to you, anywhere in the planet! Track numerical data or live waveforms. WiCis is mobile, web, and social media ready. They provide you with the ability to view your data on any platform and on any hardware that can run a browser.

    Think Tree Studios was asked to to design and develop WiCis Sports industry leading sports medicine Android app. Our Android, Bluetooth LE, hardware and design teams were able to develop a revolutionary app that actively tracks and streams medical grade data, GPS location, bearing, altitude, and other critical information of outdoor adventure athletes and enthusiasts to medical experts and loved ones.

  • Voip Technologies Group

    Voiptel asked us to completely redesign their website. Their challenge was creating a website that would show off their six unique products in a simplified design that would not only make it easy for visitors to understand what they offer but also excite potential clientele. We chose to a modern, block style design that had offered a natural flow through each of their six products. The end result was a professional website that grabs your attention and leaps ahead of the competition.


    We worked with the KiDCASE team to develop an app that could be compatible with their iPad smart case. We stepped up to the job by enhancing the usability and responsiveness of the app, implementing new time management features and ensuring the iOS app functioned properly with their kid friendly hardware device.

  • FlipTask Website

    FlipTask is a website with a simple idea within a complex system; creating an online marketplace that revolutionizes the way tasks and errands get done. FlipTask required a marketplace that could handle the demands of multiple task auctions, extensive payment options, ratings and reviews all within itself.

  • FlipTask iOS App

    The Colorado based startup, FlipTask, approached us to create a native iOS app that was incredibly easy to use, engaging and could tie into their existing database. Our goal from day 1 was to create an app that simplified the detailed process of posting jobs, placing bids, hiring helpers and transferring payments. To achieve this, we placed a strong focus on the user experience and interface. Our team designed a clean, intuitive and engaging user interface that fullfilled the end goal of quickly finding the right people to help FlipTask members. After intense research, design, development and rigorous testing the FlipTask app was launched to the world.


  • Sky Networks SkyPhone Softphone

    We teamed up with Sky Networks to develop a soft phone that was designed for use as an OEM product. This soft phone was designed to offer SIP-based voice, video and text messaging services on major mobile platforms such as Android, Windows and iPhone.

  • Repz for Charity iOS and Android App

    Repz for Charity is a is a global fitness movement app helping users perform fitness challenges of all levels.  Taking an interactive approach with a strong social media focus Repz for Charity created a fun and enticing way to motivate people to get up and stay active. For every completed fitness challenge, the Repz advertising sponsors donate money to different charities.

    In 2015, Repz for Charity approached Think Tree Studios to help fix and polish their existing iOS and Android apps to increase user engagement, simplify the UI and enhance the social media aspect even further. Thus, Think Tree Studios took on the challenge to improve the Repz for Charity app.

  • Coman Publishing

    We worked with Coman Publishing to update their award winning iOS and Android sports publication apps.


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