Reimagining social connections.


Enso offers people a new way to feel connected to friends and family. Using a hand held device crafted from elegantly finished natural materials users are able to record, share and feel the heart beats of loved ones.


  • Android Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Bluetooth
  • Firmware


Enso created a spectacular product that already connected with their existing iOS app. The next step was to capture the Android market by upgrading their Android app to match the design and functionality of their updated iOS app. The Android app required design enhancements, front end and firmware development and had connect to Enso, a proprietary heartbeat capturing and sharing product.
The Android app needed to transfer heartbeat data captured by the Enso stone and securely store it so users could share their personal heartbeat seamlessly and instantly with loved ones around the world.


The result was a fully functional Android app that incorporated Enso’s pastel driven design. Our design team and Android engineers worked very closely with Enso’s leadership team and iOS developer to ensure the design matched perfectly across platforms and the Enso stone was able to collect and store a users heartbeat. After thoroughly testing all hardware and Android app functionality we were able deliver an exceptional Android app for Enso to market and share.

Customer Reviews

I love my Enso
I love my Enso. The whole app experience is very pleasant.

Available for iOS and Android